Technology and Infrastructure

With an installed capacity of 30.0 Megawatt, Abhishek Solar has focused its activities in Solar PV, using Crystalline Silicon Solar Cells for generation of electricity/ rural electrification. Apart from Crystalline, the company also provides Thin Film Framed Solar Panels in technical collaboration with a German Partner.

The solar cells are procured from abroad and solar PV modules are produced at its advanced, 22,000 square feet manufacturing facility, located in Ranchi, India, where it has installed the latest semi automated production line for solar PV modules – acquired from world’s finest and well known suppliers.

The in-house reliability testing capability for all of its products ensures the highest quality and they meet stringent international standards. This, together with well trained personnel engaged with singular dedication in quality assurance checks at every stage, ensures consistent quality of its products in accordance with excellence policy and after-sales warranty.

Trendsetting technical expertise

  • Solar module line of international standards with high conversion efficiency at low cost
  • Optimized processing methods resulting in high yields
  • Technology transfers and technical audits conducted by project assistance team improve cell and module line efficiencies & yields